The Office of Learning Resources

The Office of Learning Resources will:.
1. Provide a variety of communication options to support traditional classrooms activities.
B. GOALS The Office of Learning Resources will:. 1.Provide
2. Stimulate the use of new learning modes most appropriate for the goals 6f academic programs and other institutional obligations.
3. Provide planning, production, operational and follow-up services for instructional development.
4. Conduct: in-service education for faculty and STAFF in the integration of technology into the teaching-learning process.
5. Foster pertinent research concerning the application of educational media and varying curriculum structures.
6. Disseminate information that will help promote more effective and efficient use of. a variety of learning resources.
7. Provide instructional materials production services.
8. Provide campus-wide• television services.
9. Provide campus and community radio services.
10. Provide consultation on facility modification and design.
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