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Human-computer interaction Is a fairly young discipline, and the USA of this writing, it offers few laws that govern interactivity. The interaction humankind-computer was quite young discipline, and as wrote this, he offered several regulations that governed interaktivitas. The USA the base for a research framework to explore HCI, I use theories of collaboration in conversation to analyze and understand interaction. As the foundation for the framework research to explore HCI, I used the theory from the co-operation in conversation analysed and understood the interaction. I view human-computer interaction the USA an interactive dialogue between the user and his/her information, and this dialogue the USA an example of a joint activity. I saw the interaction humankind-computer as the interactive dialogue between the user and he information, and this dialogue for example from one activity together. Joint activities are activities that cannot be carried out in isolation and which require explicit collaboration of the multiple participants in the activity.
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