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Material that now is about this part TeacherNet, you could find outside why the research could help you in you taught and how him to become was involved with the research personally. As the following development, there was many opportunities to be involved in the research and the teacher was supported in their work by:
  1. Teacher/networks of the researcher and the partnership of
  2. Scholarships, the association, the sabbatical and bertukaran * the Professional development program and higher the level of
  3. Funding your organisation could check the conclusion and received the interactive email renewed in the Nasional Foundation for the Kependidikan Research and TeacherNet s the research now and actual renewed the page also will enable you to be kept one after the other the concept and the last discovery. To receive your information could read short essence of the journal article just in Research Informed Practice Site (the TRIP), could be raided online database that meant improved the user's access until the academic research.Continue Reading...
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