RPP, KTSP, Silabus Kewarganegaraan SD Kelas 2, Dan Informasi Internetan Gratis Untuk Guru dan siswa dari mendikdasmen

Untuk Memperoleh KTSP Kewarganegaraan siswa SD Kelas 2 Download Gratis disini.
Information from Mandikdasmen (Jakarta): the number of the Mother of the Student and the number could be of the Mother of the Teacher used to be made use of as alleviating the use cost of the internet in warnet.Hal this was current while the student used the number until going to class and the teacher as far as the pension. So as pembelajaran and the utilisation of the network of the local internet could be made use of by the educational community maximally. Was like this that was said by the Director General of the Application and Telematika Departemen of Communication and Information (Depkominfo) Cahyana Ahmad Jayadi when giving input about the number of the personal mother for the utilisation of the network of E-Education cheaply and free in the Depdiknas Counter bekum old this. Depkominfo was cultivating the climate that was conducive to the students, the student, the teacher, and the lecturer to make use of the network of E-Education. Meaning that as the educational community, they could use the internet free in his environment and cheap to access the internet in warnet-warnet by using the number of this personal mother.
"That was said by you were the smart idea." They were enough put forward or memasukan the number of the mother so as to be able to alleviate the use cost in warnet. Because the number of the mother could be used for them menyenyam education or worked in the educational community. So as they were appropriate was given keringan the cost of internet access in Warnet. Now if they used in the school or in the campus could free, said in the Jardiknas socialisation in Jakarta, just recently. His side was quite supportive the utilisation of this network. In part, by opening the free email to local without must use the international network. Meaning that, the country's foreign exchange could be saved from this aspect. The users of this internet service, especially in the educational field will be guided to berinternet healthily. The aim is, to eliminate impacts of the negative of the moral aspect and the culture resulting from the technological attack maya this. In the meantime, the Head of the Bureau of Planning and the foreign Co-operation of Gatot Hari Priowirjanto said as far as this is concerned has been built by the network of E-Education that connected 1,014 points all over Indonesia
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Devina said... @ 3 December 2008 at 00:13

Gimana caranya dapat fasilitas internertan gratis dari mendikdasmen?....