TELEVISION channel for the teacher

Educational means through the TELEVISI Channel digital this for the teacher was launched on February 8 2009 as well as the site web Guru TELEVISION was full. The Tersebut Ditetapkan matter to become the unique support to the teacher's staff and the profession school, facilitated shared the experience and your saving with each other preparations time and the research for the teachers. TELEVISI means the teacher was the first digital TELEVISION channel for the teacher once, and could be met free of charge every day the year. In the matter of the Channel editorially independent and meant reflected association scenery taught. This matter offered the unique opportunity to see in the other classroom and got the concept inside how the other school was managed. There was also the free online video library where you tinned access and watched the previous program 24 hours a day. What s in kept? The program of the offer of the teacher's TELEVISION peered in both just and experienced the main teacher and secondary, as well as the program and the source of the production of the head, the manager, the governor, taught the assistant. Continue reading...
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